The first time you create an event in MasterBadge system, there won't be any existing events in your Event Library. To complete your general setup, Click on Create event as shown below

After creating your first new event or conference, the masterbadge platform will automatically ask you for the following details:

  • Event Name: The Name of your event
  • Location : Where exactly the event will be held
  • Start Date : the exact day and time for your event
  • End Date : when your event will end
  • Email : Your Email Address
  • Website : if applicable, the website of your organization/company
  • Owner : it can be the name of the organizer or the organization
  • Registration Closing Date: The exact date you wish to close the registration for your event. By setting the registration closing date you will be avoiding any extra submission
  • Registration Closing text: Registration text should be clear and qualitative by the date of starting the reiteration and the date that it was closed. 
  • Target : how many attendees are your expecting to attend your event

After creating your event you will be forwarded to the dashboard screen by default unless you have multiple events created in your account.

To be able to change the event and start working on a different event, click on the event and then click on save, you will find it in the right side of the page once you click on the name of the event. You can start operating different event while you are in another one by clicking on the event name on the top right corner then change event as per the screen below.

In case you have not yet finished setting up your registration please continue reading the following article to help you Setting up your event or conference registration.

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