Providing your visitors a convenient online way to pay for the event is the best method to make the payment smooth and increase your visitors data base. In addition to that, most people prefer to use Credit card that using cash and cheques

Adding to the advantages that posting an online payment form on your website or registration form is much quicker than manually printing and writing invoices, stuffing envelopes, and dropping at the post office. Removing these office tasks frees up your time to take care of other planning  responsibilities.

• If you want to make the event chargeable, you need to manage the below registrations type:
o Single registration settings ‘’ Individual registration ‘’
o Group registration settings ‘’ Team registration can be done by organization’’

• Please make sure to manage the payment method of each registration type:
o Online credit card
o Wire transfer ((Please enter the payment URL and the password of encryption))
o Enable cash ((Please enter the receipt upper and lower range)). This option can be used in the onsite registration for the delegates that does not have Credit card.

By the end of this session you will be able to should be able to choose the suitable payment method for your event. Payment methods can be changed from event to another.

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