Having precious interface page or landing page design should be clearly convenient for branding your event. Keeping in mind that this page will be the first thing your visitors see when they visit your website to register, Colors should be attractive and design should be encouraging to assist the purpose of your event.

Jumping straight into it, Masterbadge platform offers you some valuable tabs to support you in designing your Interface page:

To set your look and feel interface page for your registration, there are many useful tabs you will be able to control to present your organization:

1. Colors: Choosing proper color combination while designing your interface page is considered one of the most important essentials in creating a successful event or conference registeration page.

While determining the colors you will be using, make sure to choose the colors that have the capability to create positive impact on your visitors, this will encourage them to interact with your registration form. 

In the same time, the chosen colors should be matching the logo for your organization.

2. Registration fields: the registration tab will allow you to control the tabs that you want the registrants to see while registering to your event. 

As much as it is important for the registrants to complete all the requested data, it is important to you as these details will help you with your database in the future; therefore, you need to be very selective will choosing the registration tabs which will be added to the interface page.

Integrated in the Registration tab you will find the
mandatory registration fields:
Enable country
Enable middle Name
Enable work phone
Enable mobile phone

and Additional fields:
Enable City
Enable National ID
Enable address
Enable medical license

You can also enable the title, company and position from the properties.

3. Welcome page:  The welcome page or the landing page as named by most of the marketers is named as such because it really serves this purpose.

The welcome page is the first thing the website visitor see when he is searching for your event. 

When designing a welcome page, it is so critical to micro manage the style and the look that will present your event and organization. A landing page with consistent branding is an extra way to improve brand awareness in marketing. This will benefit your event by rising the awareness about what your event purpose and the main message you are trying to deliver to the registrants.

To ensure you are having the right first impression from your visitors, choose the correct words that will present your event and organization vision.

In the welcome page tab, you will find the top content and the lower content. Whatever you are going to write in this content tabs, will appear in the welcome page that the visitors will see.

4. Sessions/workshops: The sessions/workshops tab here is only to choose if you want to enable or disable the options of workshops and sessions.

In each box of the workshops and sessions, you will find the option to enable or disable the the option, and you will find also
Display price
Workshop Title
Display type

Sessions and workshops are included under the agenda, to know more about the agenda, visit our article http://help.masterbadge.com/event-management/agenda

In case you want to edit the session/workshops section, click Edit at the side of the page and you can customize it as wanted.

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