• Setting up different registration fees packages allows you to control different prices for different event packages or for different kinds of attendees. For example, adding additional fees for late registrations and less for early-bird registrations. 

In case you added new registration fees, the system automatically will take you to the page shown below

The fees settings will give you the ability to control the advanced setting for your packages and fees. In the fees advanced settings, you will find:

  • Allow to public: by ticking this box you will allow anyone to register in your event. Usually the companies and organizations that you register their domain are the ones supposed to register, however, if you ticketed allow to public box, you will be allowing the registration for everyone.
  • Allow single registration: you allow single person to register to your event. 
  • Allow group registration: Enable bulk registration to give your attendees/organizations the option to register as a team.  Allowing group registration will make it easier for your registrants to register as team or group without complicated procedures.  For example, Patricians in Hamad medical corporation. You will be then using the group registration form  - Allow Onsite registration: this tab means that you will allow the below to pay cash and register in the venue on the day of the event. Please make sure to choose the cash option in the payment setup. 
  • Allow Internal group registration: Allow bulk registration to be done internally from your organization. This will be used in the internal group registration form only.

Once selecting all the data that you want to be added to your fees packages, click Save.

By the end of this article you should be able to create the fees packages that you want to be shown in your event registration form.

To go back to Registrations type 


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