One of the most common questions that you might receive from registrants is how to cancel my registration and If I am applicable for refund or not. Therefore; we recommend you to set up a well defined refund policy on the event page/website itself to prevent last minute cancellations and charge-back issues from registrants.

In this article, we will you Identify your cancellation and refund policy. Let's begin by answering some succeeding questions:

  • Do you want to make this event refundable or non-refundable?
  • What is the deadline for the registrants to cancel their registration?
  • will it be a full refund or partial refund?

By answering these elementary questions, you can come up with clear cancellation and refund policy.

to set your Cancellation and refund policy for your event Go to
Event Settings
>> Registration Settings >> Refund policy

Below is an example for the refund policy the we had for one of our biggest events

Referring to the above picture, you can find at the bottom of the refund policy page a box that the registrant should tick to accept the refund policy and the terms and conditions. By adding this tick box you confirm that your registrant is fully aware about the policies you applied for your event.

To know more about setting up the terms and conditions, please visit 

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