The policies, terms and conditions are different from an event to another, MasterBadge allows you to sets your own rules that applies for your conference to ensure your Delegates and visitors understands and reads your terms and conditions for the registrations process.

to set your terms and conditions for your registration Go to Event Settings > Registration Settings > Terms and Conditions

the terms and conditions are then visible on the online registration form where the registrants are given the option to either agree or not agree about the terms you put for them, if the registrants agrees to your terms then they will be taken to next steps

an example terms & Condition that you can utilize if you please is here below

Terms & Conditions
To complete your registration, you are required to make a payment by using your Credit card only. If you have any issues with registration, please contact us by email:

Upon receipt of the correct registration fee, each participant will receive a confirmation of registration via email. Please bring this confirmation to the onsite registration desk as proof of your registration; delegates who do not bring confirmation of registration may not be permitted entrance into the conference.

To ensure your conference will also prevent confusions about any refunds requests, its strongly advised that you set your own refund policy, Read this article to know more about the refund policy 

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