Creating clear and rich registration hierarchy is very initial to help you organizing your event or conference by categorizing your visitors into groups, distributing the capacity across multiple groups and determining the fees for each group in wide details.

To give you an overview about the registration steps, we summarized it as below '' mentioned types and packages are only example that can be changed in real life ''

To start creating your registration categorizes go to
Event Settings >> Registration settings >> Registration

In the Registration type, you can mention the type and the description for your regsiteration and choose the capacity of this specific type. Capacity should be choosen upon the whole capacity of the event. 

e.g. if the capacity is 100 and you choose 150 the system will give you the below message

Once you are done with the registration types, click save and return to go back to the registration page.

by going back to the Registration page, you will find your registration type added and automatically the packages and the fees will be added 

You can add more packages and fees to the default packages and fees automatically created by the system.

Always keep in your mind that you can edit or delete any of the packages and fees at anytime by using

Once you are done with creating the packages, next step is to determine your fees.

To know more about the regsiteration fees settings, check our fees article

By the end of this article you should be able to create the fees packages that you want to be shown in your event registration form.

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