The accounts and billing section enables you to control your events, users and teammates, event payments, integrations and a lot more to give you a clear overview for all the events in your account.

Our advice for you to guarantee having a well-organized start up for your event is to think about:

1)  purchase service and seats
2) create event
3) determine the users

By mentioning purchasing services and seats, and considering targeted audience and overall capacity expected on annual bases, you will be financially aware of your budget and expenses and this will help you taking the correct financial decision for your organization. Before taking you through the details of creating a new event, you need to understand the hierarchy that Masterbadge created for your account to maintain privacy and easy process.

  1. Account Admin:

The account admin is the main person controlling for the whole account by purchasing additional services, create new events and control accesses. Know more about the responsibilities of the account admin

2. Teammates:

The Teammates can be defined as small sub accounts under the main account which only have specific event access. To know more about teammates, check article

After understand the account controlling hierarchy, we will take you step by step to know how to create new event in your account.
know how to create a new event on masterbadge

In the accounts starting point you can also view categories. Categories are created to categorize your event. To know more about categories, please visit 

3. Internal Employees:

The word Internal Employee stands for every single person working inside the organization. To know more about internal employees, please check  

4. Integration:

Event integrations refer to combining different platforms with a central event management software. To know more, visit

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