To create a new event in your account, go to Accounts & billing in your home page,

Clicking on accounts and billing will take you to the overview page, which should have all the details of your latest purchase and the availability of the seats in your account

The seats used counter at the right side of the page will give you the actual number used from the seats that your already purchased.

Whenever you use any number of seats in any event, it will be automatically reflecting in the used seats in the overview page.

  • Events:

From the events tab, drill-down and click on create event

In create event page, you need to will simply define/introduce your event by mentioning the basic details for it:

  • Event Name
  • Location (venue where the event will be held)
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Website
  • Owner¬†
  • Owner Email
  • Target
  • Max CPD points

By filling these details, you will put the solid base for your event. Now you can focus on building and arranging your event as desired.

To go back to account and billing 

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