We can't say that your home page will contain all the data that you need, but we can gurantee that from it you will be able to navigate to all the details you need to know, add and edit in MasterBadge.

The home page will appear differently to the account admin and the teammates [The Users].

Account admin will be able to see all the events belongs to your company's account and the account admin can also use the accounts and billing tab in case the account admin would like to change any billings & Account's information.

On the contrast, teammates will be able to see, view and edit the events that the account admin assigned to them only.

In your home page, you will also see the events navigation box. To know more, visit

When you hover on the event name a "Go To" Button shall appear beside each event's name which will take you to a deep dive into your event settings, to know more visit http://help.masterbadge.com/event-management/go-to

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