Summing up all the events in one single box gives the organizer a full control to view and check all the events clearly.

In the events navigation box, You can see Upcoming events, My favorites, Archived & All events

As long as the event is added by the account admin in the main account, it will be viewed in the upcoming event tab till the last day of the event. If the account admin made any changes in the dates of the event it will be automatically reflecting in the events navigation box.

  • My favorites, you can add an event to your "My Favorites" list by ticking the heart button beside the event itself.

Once the color of the heart change, the event automatically can be viewed in My favorites list.

  • Archived It shows all the old events that the organization had since the creation of the account for the Account Admin, but it will show all the old events that you have access to in case you are not an account admin.. 

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