The overview page, or as defined by marketers as dashboard, is a page that gives you whole view for you event KPIs (key performance indicator) which assist the objective of your event. 

In the event overview page you can see a side margin that gives you more tab for the registration overview
Import registration
Register New

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The Dashboard, gives up to date summary, mostly in graphic and easy to read form, of key information relating to progress and performance of the event.

Registration form for any event serves the purpose of signing up attendees and collects related contact information about the registrants. To know more, check article 

Import registration is an option that will definitely make your life easier and save a lot of time. To know more, read article

In case you already have huge list of contacts database and you want to inform them regarding your event and encourage them to register, the Invitation tab is the correct option to assist this purpose. Check the below article for more details

The Agenda is the program for your event which should the event proper days and if it includes sessions and workshops, Know more by reading article

Register new tab, have 2 options, Bulk registration and onsite registration. check how both are useful by reading this article

Onsite registration is as important as online registration. To know more about the onsite regsiteration, read our article

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