When you hover on the event name a "Go To" Button shall appear beside each event's name which will take you to a deep dive into your event settings. In the GO TO button you will find Overview, Event settings, Marketing and, CPD and survey.

The overview page, or as defined by marketers as dashboard, is a page that gives you a whole view for you event KPIs (key performance indicator) which assist the objective of your event.
To know more about the overview page, visit our article http://help.masterbadge.com/event-management/overview

As account user, the Event settings will allow you to edit all the details of your event till the last day of it. To know more, ready article

Marketing tab help you market your event and reach more audiences through services like Email campaigns and tracked URL links. To know more, visit our article

Since CPD (Continuing professional development) and Survey is a very critical part of most of the medical events, Masterbadge provides you a whole overview for the CPD and survey. To know more check our article

To go back to your homepage, click on http://help.masterbadge.com/event-management/your-home-page

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