This process is critical for the success of your further event campaigns because it helps you build a contact database and automate check-in by using the contact lists. 

To guarantee that the registrants database are collected effectively, we gathered all the successfully confirmed registration in one page.

In the registration page, all the registrants details used to register to your event, starting from the Reg. ID which is given to the registrant after finishing the registration passing by the Name, Email, Registration type and position.

Making it easier to search for specific registrant, we added some options that you can use.
Export, will export for you the whole data in an excel sheet, either if it is general, financial or full details export

Select filter, to specify you search engine, and it can be Reg. ID, Name, or Email.
Select Reg. type, the registration type will be created by the user in the settings of the event. You can also choose to show specific Reg. type e.g. delegates, organizers, speakers, special guest, VIP.

Select Reg. type, showing the results by selecting the registration with specify the data you are searching for.

The clock like button following the above tab is to refresh the page and give you the updated list for the registration. 

Confirmation tab is symbolized in masterbadge as like button. In case you want to show all the confirmed payment done for the registrations, click once on the confirmation tab and it will turn green showing all the confirmed registrations the event have.

and by click twice over the same tab the like symbol will turn to unlike and it will give you the unconfirmed payment registrations.

To know more about confirming the payments and how to edit single registration detail, read our article

Serving the saving time purpose, the import button will help you to import huge file that have many registration details. To know more please read article

Invitation's is made for the account users to send an invitation Email to other database contact list to encourage them to register to the event. To know more, read article,

To go back to the overview settings, click

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