To be capable to import a previously created list to your registration page can is definitely a useful feature for the users using the Masterbadge platform.

The feature will be saving you time more than entering every single registrant data manually.

It will also show you all the missing details in the gathered data. for example, if there is a contact without an Email or mobile number, the import feature will show you that this contact is not added as this specific detail is not mentioned in the imported sheet.

This is in addition to the duplication. If the contact was uploaded previously, the system automatically will inform you that this contact is duplicated after uploading your list.

By clicking on the import button in the regsiteration page you will see

All what you need to do is to download the excel template and ensure that all the fields are inserted correctly. The First name, last name and Email are mandatory.

Then click on  import new list, and drop your file and follow the steps by clicking next.

To go back to the event registration page, click on

You can also visit the overview page by clicking on

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