The agenda in Masterbadge helps you to be more organized and clear regarding you event and how it will be controlled.

The purpose of the agenda is to direct the people interest to register in what it might be useful for them.

The Agenda will show the event proper days, date and time for each session and work shop, and it will also show the total registered for each session. This will help you to have a whole vision on the program of the event.

When you choose the date of your event from the beginning, it will be automatically reflected in the Agenda homepage.

Put in your mind while creating the sessions that strong event agenda is just as important for organizers as it is for attendees.

The most common challenge that arises while organizing an event agenda is figuring out a way for all information to be clear and easy to find. To avoid confusion, organize sessions by tracks.
A Track is an umbrella under which multiple sessions and workshops can be found.
As an Example, if your event is a medical conference, You can create a track called diabetes and create session for nurses, pediatricians or physicians. This track will include all sessions and workshops that discuss the main topic which is diabetes according to the attendees. 

To add/edit tracks to your Agenda, select the day you want, click on create event tracks and start adding the desired details.

Track Code, will be automatically created by Masterbadge to maintain the personalized code for each track
Track Name, to be mentioned by the user, it should be well defined and simple to the registrants.
Track Date, is automatically added according to the day date chosen from the beginning.
Start Time and End Time, should be inside the time frame of the event. e.g. if the event from 8 to 2, organizer will not be able to choose 4pm as end time for the track.

Once you click on create, the event track will appear in the event proper day page and the tracks page.

You can delete or edit any track, by using the 2 small icons beside the track ID in the track page.

Now you can click on the track row to create Session/workshop inside the track

In the Session and workshop, the basic details as Name, date and time will be shown first.

Advanced settings, are mostly related to the registrants.
Is workshop, by ticking this box, the created session will be marked as workshop not session
CEU Enabled, By ticking this box, you will confirm for the registrants that the attendance for this session/workshop is going to be calculated to gain CPD points ((Medical purposes only))
Enable selecting by participants, ticking this box, will make it optional for the registrants to chose this session/workshop.

Additional notes can be written as short description for what the session/workshop is introducing or speakers presenting in the session.

Location is the exact hall or room the session/workshop is going to take place in. e.g. if the event is held in an hotel, the location of the session/workshop could be Hall 2.

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