Collecting payments from registrants might be hard at some point, but tracking the payments is the most critical part for the organizer.

In Masterbadge, we do can for your profits as much as you, therefore we created payments for event to help you Export, filter, and register if needed.

From the Export tab, you can export all the payments which has been done for your event, you can even filter by single regsiteration or bulk regsiteration.

You can also search by registration ID or by Email from the Select Filter tab, this option will customize your search engine to make it clear and easy for you.

The clock like button following the above tab is to refresh the page and give you the updated list for the done payment. 

Confirmation tab is symbolized in Masterbadge as like button. In case you want to show all the confirmed payment done for the registrations, click once on the confirmation tab and it will turn green showing all the confirmed payments done for the event.

and by click twice over the same tab the like symbol will turn to unlike and it will give you the unconfirmed payment registrations.

You can also customize your search by date by using Sort by Date tab, It will assist you in showing all the payments done starting the first day of registration. 

If your event have a refund policy, you will definitely need to track all the refund requests done for your event. To know more, visit

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