No event is free of refund requests specially if the expected capacity is large. To make it easy for you, Masterbadge created special tracker for organizers to track the refund requests done within their event.

From the payments tab, you can go to the refund request tab, which will land into the refund requests tracker.

You can search for the refund by using registration ID or Email.
by the status of the refund it self, either if it is
Pending, which means that the refund request is raised by not approved yet.

Void, which means that the refund request is raised by it will not be approved, and it is canceled by the account manager or the account Admin. This option is usually used for registrants who are not eligible for refund.

Refunded, which means the refund request has been raised and completed.

It is worth mentioning that the account manager and the account admin both have the access to use any of the above options, either to process the refund request or to cancel it.

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