Enabling the onsite registration can be useful in many ways. 

Although it is too rare nowadays to find a person that does not have Credit card, however, some people prefer to pay in cash instead of using the Credit card. Onsite regsiteration allows the cash option for registrants who prefer to pay in cash.

In addition to that, onsite registration can give opportunity to the last minute registration before the event. People can register and pay on the same day of the event.

In the onsite registration settings, you will find 2 features

  • Printer settings, you can add the settings for the printer that you will be using from Add printer tab. You will need the name of the printer, IP Address, Port and the description. The system will automatically link your printer to the machine you are using. Printer and PC should be using the same internet connection.
  • Badge printing, You can easily use it by connecting your iPad/PC to it and use the Masterbadge system. Our badge printing machines are designed to work on specific badges. Our standard badge size is ‘’Width= 8.5cm Height=13.5cm’’. We recommend the same size for the badges as it meet the professional requirements. Below is a sample of our badges

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