Events are organized in a two divided hierarchy: Events Pages, which create a browse-able landing page, and then individual event item pages. These areas have some styling tricks shared between them, but still they are different.

The events settings includes many critical tabs that combine together to create the professional landing page for your event,

General settings or as called basic details, are the main details about the event. It contains
Account no.
Account name
Event Name
Location (( of the event ))
Event Owner
Event End
Event start
Enabled round CPD points (0.25)
Enabling waiting list
Description (( of the event ))

These details might look basic, but it is event important to identify your event.

As we mentioned previously in the regsiteration article that the regsiteration main purpose is to be the gate of the targeted audience to the event, in the regsiteration tab in the event settings, we will show you how categorize your regsiteration fees and groups.
To know more, check our article 

Look and Feel:
If you want to know how to design an interface page that will appear for the visitors registering for your event, the look and feel article will be able to help you with this. For more, read

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