To be able to import a previously created list please follow the below steps:

1) In your home page, click the registration over view from Manage your event button

2) The registration overview, will take you to the Dashboard page where you can find all the facilities that you can use for your event, and the import option among it

3) By clicking on the import button in the registration page you will see the below page

4) All what you need to do is to download the excel template format and fill the required fields correctly. The First name, last name and Email are mandatory.

5) Once the list is ready, click on the import button and drop your file and follow the steps.

6) Once you drop your file, the system will automatically give you validate your list option

7) The validate your list option will show you how many records you will be importing, how many are correct and ready to be imported, how many duplicated and how many might have issue in it. You can either continue with the correct uploaded records or you can change the change the other records form the same page itself.

8) You will find an error informing that some records have the same Email, you can ignore which means that it will not be imported at all, or you can resolve within the same page, by clicking on the Email required as shown below

9) You will find another error informing that some records have Email Address format issue, you can click on the small pen icon beside the Email to correct it and save

10) After correcting all the records and making sure the Emails are unique and correct you can now continue importing your list with no errors

11) You will then reach the Registration Information which includes:

  • Would you like to import as? The type of the registration, as delegate, organizer, etc.
  • Which Package you want to for registrations? Depends on the registration type, which can be full conference with workshops, workshops only, or a specific day from the agenda. Sometimes the registration package contains only early Bird fees.
  • What is the fees? This depends of the position, if it is the fees for doctors it will be different than the fees of nurses and Allied health.
  • Would you like to Exempted/Complement these registrations? If Exempted, you must mention that this has been approved by the account manager.

Then click Next to continue

12) The next step will give you the Professional Information, that take care from the position and the organization column in the list you are importing

  • How would you like to process the position column?

-Match by Position in the list and mark as other for unavailable Positions (( matching the positions that we have in the system, and mark any other position as others ))

-Match by Position in the list and Create new positions (( Matching the positions that we have in the system and to create new position for the one not existing )) 

-Pick a Specific Position (( If you selected this the system will give you all the position that we have ((Doctors, managers, organizers, etc..)) Mark All as Other (( all the positions will be marked as others despite it is existing or not ))

  • How would you like to process the organization column?

-Match by Organization in the list and mark as other for unavailable Organizations (( selecting this option will mirror the list that you imported and which organization you mentioned in the list )) 

-Match by Organization in the list and Create new Organizations ((This will select the organization and create new organization for the ones that we don’t have in the system))
-Pick a Specific Organization (( This option usually give you the main account organization, so if your event is create by HMC the option will be Hamad medical corporation)) 

-Mark All as Other (( all the organization tab will be others despite the one mentioned in the imported list ))

13) The next step will take you to the payment information, this step has 2 parts

  • 13.A: If the list you are importing is selected as Exempted ‘’check point 11‘’ The payment step will not appear to you, 
  • 13.B: If the list was NOT selected as exempted, you will need to fill this payment details and choose either to send payment link to all the registrants to pay, or you will manage it manually (( cash ))

14) The final step is confirming the full details for the imported list, it gives you all the information that you need to know before confirming the registration for your list

15) If your list is selected as exempted list, the system will ask you at the end if you want to 

  • Mark all imported registrations as confirmed
  • Mark all imported registrations as confirmed and send confirmation email to all

You can either chose to register the list as confirmed without sending Email OR you can send a confirmation Email to all the registrants in your list that their registration is done and

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