Masterbadge offers merge fields, the merge fields are kind of dynamic information that the system replaces with database values to generate more personalized emails. Paste a merge tag into your email campaign to add personalized/dynamic content to it. The following list summaries all the tags offered to you.

{REGID} ==> To merge the registration ID for any confirmed registrant

{REGNAME} ==> To merge the name of the registrant

{EVENTNAME} ==>  To merge your event name

{EVENTSTART} ==> To merge the event start date

{EVENTEND} ==> To merge the event end date

{PACKAGE} ==> To merge the name of the package ((delegates package, early bird package, etc..))

{SESSIONS} ==> To merge the description for your conference session

{BARCODE} ==> To merge the barcode of the registrant that should be scanned for the onsite registration

{REGEMAILID} ==> To merge the registration Email for any registrant.

{TRANSACTIONID} ==> To merge the transaction ID for any payment. This usually used for payment confirmation Email.

{CERTIFICATESURVEYLINK} ==> To merge the survey and the certificate link. This field is used only for the certificates Email

Below is a sample from Complete E-Ticket Email campaign that have all the fields merged.

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