To be able to create an Email marketing campaign follow the below steps:

  1. From the Home Page, go to manage your event and from it to the marketing option

2. The Marketing option, will take your directly to marketing campaign dashboard

3. To create a new campaign, click on Campaign on the left of the screen and then click on Create Campaign on the right of the screen

4. Once you click on Create Campaign, you can write the name you want for your campaign and then you will find 3 options:

  • Registration Campaign ==> Design and send emails to the conference registrants. By creating a campaign choosing this option, you will be able to send this campaign to the registration list that you have for your event
  • Certificate announcement ==> Design and send emails concerning the certificate announcement. This option will be used only if the campaign you are creating is to announce the certificate. It will send out only to the confirmed & attended registrants for your event.
  • My Marketing list campaign ==> Design and send emails to the customized marketing list that you have created in the Marketing list.

5. By choosing the type of campaigns you need, you will start the mandatory details for the campaign:

  • To: adding the recipients that you need to deliver the campaign to. The selection for your audience can be by delegate, speakers, etc.. and by the confirmation status if it is confirmed or unconfirmed. By adding each audience, you must click ADD to add it to the box of the audience.
  • By choosing to show advanced filter, you will choose to target the audience from specific session or workshop in your agenda, as shown below. You can either choose this option or not. 

Once you are done, click save.

  • From: write the name of sender you wish your audience to see in your Email campaign
  • Subject: write the subject you wish your audience to see for your Email campaign
  • Email Content: Designing your Email and the content of it is the core of your Email campaign, and to make it easy for you, MasterBadge created merge process to make every single Email personalized to the registrant receiving the campaign.

To know more about merge your fields, check

  • You can deal with the font, size and color of the content as normal Email. You can edit and change as desired.

Once you are done, click on save and by this your campaign will be ready.

6. Next step, you can choose one of the below:

  • Send Sample: you can only send a test Email for yourself or to anyone to check the quality and the look of the campaign before sending it to your database
  • Send campaign: and this will directly send the campaign to everyone you selected.
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