In joining MEET all you need is to input the code and your name in entering the conference.
After you registered online, the admin will send this confirmation email with the link to the MEET website along with the conference code.
Sample website:

Here is the simple user guide to help you with MEET.

1- This is where the presentation is located. Author can present a power point, video from a website and can share-screen here.
2- Meeting Controls - Mute/Unmute the room microphone (A)
- Start/Stop your audio. Once the audio is stopped you cannot hear the speaker’s presentation. (B)
- Start/Stop your video camera (C)

3- Hide/Minimize presentation – Once you hide your presentation only the camera of the users will appear bigger
4- Presentation Tool bar – This will appear once the Admin activate it from his side. This is utilized once the speaker wants an interactive conference where user can participate on his presentation
5- Messages – If you want to share your thoughts and interact with one another, Public and Private chatting is available for you. You can direct message by clicking the name of your colleague, and select “Send message in private”
6- Shared Notes is also available to collaborate with all the attendees. This usually will be used by the Speaker/Presenter if he or she wanted to post notes regarding the topic
7- Users – This is the attendees in your conference. You will be able to see who and how many of you are in the room.
You are given the opportunity to react to the speaker or raise your hand by clicking your name in the left part of the pane.  

  You can also participate more by answering the poll question based on the speaker’s presentation or question by clicking your desired answer. 

And finally, to log out to the conference and other setting, just click the 3 dots in the upper right corner and click Logout so you can leave the room.

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