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Creating and Signing - Up a New Company

Two ways in signing up for a new account in masterbadge:

1. Sign - up at

To register to MasterBadge you must sign up in our trial version first. You will be ask to register your company's information and contacts. Once signed in, you are eligible to have 50 seats free valid for 60 days.

You will be directed to this page below- confirmation of the registration. You will be ask to check your email to activate your account.

This email has a link to a page to update your personal information and to continue creating your account.

Once you clicked the link you will be guided to the Step 2 to create Company's Account User Admin.

You will be inputting you personal information such as your Name, personal email or personal office email and then your password; it should consist of alphanumeric characters to be able to register.

If finished, you can now manage your account.

To learn how to start managing your account, click HERE.

2. Our Sales Person will send you an email to Register

There are instances that beforehand, you will be talking to our Sales representative for directly purchasing of seats without the trial version.

Once you have confirmed your purchase via our Sales person, he or she will send you an distinct email for the link to create an account.

Then it will take you the same procedure as the steps mentioned above.


  1. Register your Account - Company's Information such as company name, contact information and email address

  2. An email will be sent for verification and link is provided and you will be directed to step 2.

  3. Provide your Personal details such as name, email address and password to successfully register your account

Once account is registered, you can see your purchased seats in the Accounts and Billing where you can start to manage your account.

Contact now our Sales Representative to purchase seat and create your account:Contact Us

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