MasterBadge It is a super user friendly control system with end to end technology solution that ensures to keep big events organized. So, it is best for you if you are familiar with the Home page and how to open an event in MasterBadge. This article is to explain what is in the system and how to navigate thru menus and set up.

Home Page

This is where you can change your account, change the details of your profile, go to main page, or log out your account.

At the upper right corner, you will be able to see your name initials, once clicked it will show you the drop-down menu to manage the following:

My Profile – you may be able to change your password and set Daily Notification

Change Account – If you are owner or co-event admin of different Organization or Account, you will be able to see all of them once Change account is ticked.

Why do I have multiple Accounts?

Some of the reasons why you might see multiple Accounts are:

· You work for multiple companies

· Different people at your company or a partner company add you for different event / Conference

If you have no other account beside from your company, you will only see your account name listed.


Once you are signed in to MasterBadge you will be able to see the following: (shown in the figure below)

1- You can access all the events in the left pane including the upcoming, archived and the future events.

2- In the center where you can see, navigate, and manage your Registration for the live and upcoming events. It is also showing the capacity, how many registered, and the total amount receive on your currency set.

3- Events can be added to My favorites by clicking the heart sign which is in the left part of Event Title.

4- And in the upper left corner, is the Accounts and Billing that has the ability to purchase new seats, create events, set the payment gateway for the event and add and view teammates- set them as event admin and push daily notifications.

5- You can create event in the Home Page in no time even without going to Accounts and Billings

There are 2 ways to access and manage your event:

  1. By clicking the drop-down list on the right part beside the currency and fees collected.

2. Or you may select the Event Title then it will take you the Registration Dashboard.

At the left part of the pane you will be able to see the following menu/tabs:

· Registration Overview

· Event Settings

· Marketing


· Survey

· Website Builder

· Abstract Management

· Mobile App

Once done, you will be successfully directed to masterbadge Home Page. To know more about further with these menus and how to manage an event, you can learn more here.

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