Account Admins module in Masterbadge allows creating and adding new events. You can create events by clicking the create event button in the right corner or by clicking the Events tab in the Accounts and Billings drop-down list.

Once you select the Create Event button a window box will pop -up and now you can input the capacity which is based from the left seats on your account. Next, set the event if it is a paid or free event. Selecting PAID type will enable different type of payment mode like cash, MasterBadge Payments and paypal, which will make you able to collect payment from your attendees. FREE event type will not enable any payment settings and you will not be able to collect payments from your attendees. Once paid is selected you must choose if the currency is in QAR or USD then Proceed with your creation of Event.

It will direct you to create event Form to input the Event name which will be visible to all the attendee, the location where the event will take place, and the exact start and end date. By default, the organizer’s name will be your Company registered to the system. The Organizer’s name will be shown publicly and can be seen by the attendee. Optionally, you can write the Event’s contact email address and the website of the event that will reach and shown to your audience.

Once you confirm your event the app will direct you in the summary page to verify the data you created. If you are an account admin, you can save the event as pending or approved. However, if you are event manager only Save as Pending will be there, which is to be approved by the Account Manager.

If you want to view your existing event, Click Here.

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