Target Audience: Manager/Director

As a manager you want to know the status of your event; how many registered and how was the registration going on. In this page, you will learn the simple ways in monitoring your event.

Step 1: Sign-in at

Sign in using your credentials: email and password


Step 2: Once you are signed in you will be directed to the the list of Events - Home Page (To know how to Navigate the System, learn here).

To see the Registration Overview, Select your event by clicking the Title or click Manage Event drop-down list beside your event and Click Registration Overview


Step 3. It will take you to the Registration Overview - Dashboard to see how many registered in the event, how many are the unconfirmed versus the confirmed delegates, the registration per position and the statistics per region.

You can generate report by clicking your desired graph and it will generate a spread sheet for your reporting.


Step 4: To further check the list and edit some details of a delegate, just click the Registration Overview Menu and then select Registration list.

You will be directed to the list of all attendees including delegates, organizers, speakers and so on.

Below are the main functionality of the Registration list as shown in the figure:

1- Edit Attendee - you can edit the basic information of your attendee such as correct name spelling, changing the email address, change organization and position; or the registration type if needed. You can be able to see the Transaction History of the attendee.

Registration updated info will appear showing all the needed details including the payment status for the registration.

2- Export and Filter Option - You will be able to export the list on a spreadsheet, search email, Reg Id or name, filter the confirmed and unconfirmed delegates and filter by Registration Types.

To generate the registration report just click on the Thumbs up sign inside the dashboard, and it will take you to the confirmed registration list.

To know about the Registration list features, visit here: Manage Your Registratrion List

3- Sending Invoice - In the Transaction History at the bottom of the page will show you the payment amount that the registrant should pay, the deducted Discount if applicable, Status, if it is paid, not paid or exempted, Date of the payment, the payment type; if it is free or paid and most important the sending invoice option, this option will automatically sending the registrant the invoice Email to pay once clicking on the airplane label at the end of the transaction history.


Step 5: Be updated every day by sending the Daily Notification. Learn how to set the Daily Notification:

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