This is what you can see during the Online Registration and will teach you where and how to set it up. Prepare to implement online registration by setting up or defining the following registration structure:

Online Registration Form

· Set Your Fees, Packages and Get Paid. There are methods of selling where you can set either by Package or by each category to sell to your attendees. We can teach you how to create registration type and fees by clicking this link.

· Fields. By defining and setting up the form, fields, and other properties you must know the what data you need to have as Organizer or what are the things you must know for reporting. To know more about the Registration form and to customize your fields, click HERE.

· Know your brand. Most of your clients will have a promotion of the conference by means of advertising and distinctive design. In MasterBadge you will be able to import your banner and change the template color based on your theme. To learn how to do that, Branding in Event setting will teach you.

· Select Your Schedule. Clearly defining your conference agenda enables your attendees to know what will be their preferred session and how you can control the people during the event. The purpose of the agenda is to direct the people interest to register in what it might be useful for them.

The Agenda will show the event proper days, date and time for each session and work shop, and it will also show the total registered for each session. This will help you to have a whole vision on the program of the event. To learn how to set the Agenda please see below topics:

  1. Creating the Agenda - Tracks, Session and Workshop, Continuous and Repeated Session

  2. Setting up Agenda in the Online Registration Form - Display your agenda in Registration form and let your delegate choose their schedule.

· Policy and Terms and Condition. Establish the refund policy and terms and conditions. Refund policy, which is the agreement where you inform customers about your policies regarding returns and refunds. It usually includes the following pieces of information: How many days they must refund and if there are deductions once you want to return the money. Set your Terms and Conditions, which is a general and special arrangements, provisions, requirements, rules, specifications, and standards that form an integral part of an agreement or contract. To set your Policies, learn from this link: Registration Policies

Once everything is set from the Online Registration Set-up, you can prepare your Onsite Registration. Learn here: Onsite Registration

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