Quick setup guide to help you start using masterbadge. You’ll find here a few tips and instructions on how to achieve the best possible masterbadge experience.

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Sign in to masterbadge App

Sign-in by using your email and password in www.masterbadge.com Client Login which is very easy.


A user can organize an account or multiple account. This will guide you in maintaining masterbadge and familiarize yourself within the tool.

A. You Are A First-Time User With Only One Account

If you are the first one who will use masterbadge, below are the things you have to know when starting working on masterbadge:

B. You Are A First-Time User With Multiple Accounts

If you are a first-time user and you are a member of multiple company and wanted to supervise and check an event, this article will show you the basic knowledge about the Registration Overview and reporting process.

  • Learn how to Navigate the interface - Navigating Thru the System - check this link to know how to look for an event and to familiarize yourself in the main menus

  • Overseeing the Event - see how many are registered in your event, how many fees are collected, check the registration per country, see who were unconfirmed and

  • Generating Reports - generate reporting and collect data from the dashboard.

Learn further about Registation Overview, visit this LINK.

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