Manage everything on the Onsite Registration from the Onsite Registration form to the setting up of printers and badges. This page are going to be your guide on what to accomplish if you want to have an Onsite Registration and Badge set up.

Onsite Registration Form

This form is used only during the onsite registration that is to be paid by cash or card and with receipt. This will be set by defining and setting up the following:

Set Your Fees, Packages and Get Paid. There are methods of selling where you can set either by Package or by each category to sell to your attendees. We can teach you how to create registration type and fees by clicking this link.

Fields. By defining and setting up the form, fields, and other properties you must know the what data you need to have as Organizer or what are the things you must know for reporting. To know more about the Registration form and to customize your fields, click HERE.

Payment Gateway. Every delegate cannot pay thru online, hence this setting will allow you to activate payment method for online or by cash. First, you need to set up in your account to activate it in settings, to learn how to set up your Account's Payment Gateway visit this link. Next, set it up on your Event settings: Payment Gateway Activation for Onsite Registration.

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