UTM is the Urchin Tracking Module parameters is used by marketers to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns across publishing media.

In masterbadge, it will give you a link for any social media or any media you want to have your details for registration. This link is the one you will use for your registration. This will trigger the normal process of registration but you can gather the data in where is the most opened media your attendees most viewed and most visited. This is a best strategy

In creating a UTM, go to Marketing > Dashboard you will be directed to the Marketing Dashboard. If this is your first time to create a UTM, no graph will be displaying on the page, and once there will be a link added, graph will be showing in the dashboard.

Creating your first UTM and Link

Select the Edit UTM's button in the upper right corner.

Pop-up window will appear and insert your UTM, this can be a social media or a company website where you want to have your online registration to be posted as shown in the figure below, then click Add:

And then, create your link by clicking the Create Link, you will be inputting the web address you want to have, for example the online Registration link then click Save.

Once created, it will be shown to the Marketing links below the dashboard. Get your social media links by clicking the box icon of your created link.

And now, you can generate the marketing link by each UTM you created by selecting the preferred media.

This generated link that is showing will be the one you are going to use on your Facebook invitation for Registration same as the other created UTM.

Once it's posted, you will see the dashboard showing the success and opened registration per media and you can assess the area of improvement for your promotion.

To know more about Marketing Campaign, visit and learn here: https://help.masterbadge.com/en/collections/2512444-marketing-campaign

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