Email marketing is the best marketing strategy and the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using an email.

In masterbadge, there are 3 different types of Marketing Email Campaign.

  1. Registration Campaign - Design and send emails to the conference registrants. This campaign is used for the event reminders and e-tickets.

  2. Certificate Announcement - Design and send emails concerning the certificate announcement. System is automatically detecting attendees with attendance record. If a person was registered but did not attend on the day of the event. He or she will not receive this certification announcement and cannot receive a certificate.

  3. My Marketing List Campaign - Design and send emails to the customized marketing list.

Creating Email Campaign

  1. Go to Marketing Menu and select Campaigns

2. Click on Select Campaign button in the top right corner, pop up will appear displaying the campaign types available. Write the campaign name - this is your guide and this will not be able to see by your attendee and then select the Campaign Type and lets Begin.

3. It will navigate you to to the design page to start your email campaign with the following forms:

A. Add Recipients - This is where you choose who you want to send your marketing email. This tab will differ depending on what Campaign type you selected.

For Registration campaign: You can filter from Registration Type and per confirmation status.

For Certificate Announcement, only Registration Type can be filter since recipients are the confirmed attendees.

For Marketing Email, selected this campaign will trigger the all the events in your account that you can select where to send your campaign.

B. From - This is the sender of the email which is usually the organizing committee. By clicking Edit button you can put any organizing team you want since this is a free-text format.

C. Subject - This is the subject of your email as a free-text format

D. Design Email Option - this field is used to create and design your email campaign. The design page consist of Tool bar, Merge and media fields. This is a very functional and flexible design tool to create your email campaign.

To know more about what files can you upload in your Marketing Campaign, visit Media Library.

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