View Certificates: It will show you the lists of your created certificates

In order to create a new certificate, just click on the Create Certificate button on the upper right corner.

Certificate Title: Or the name of the event or conference

With Points: You can select whether this is with CPD or No CPD certificate

Status: There are 2 status the published and unpublished. Published means that you can now see the certificate from the link to download the certificate that you have created. And keep it unpublished if still not finalized.

Edit Certificate: Once your certificate is created, from this section you will be abale to edit the settings of your certificate. Settings will include the following: Certificate Name/ Certificate with CPD/ To enable the certificate/ To published or unpublished

Design: This is where you will configure your certificate. Set up the certificate accordingly in the template. The position of the attendee name and CPD/ CME points on the Certificate template provided.

Delete: This button will delete all your saved certificate setup


Create Survey: This button will give you the access to create or customize your survey settings.

Once the create survey is clicked, you will be navigated to prepare survey form.

Survey name: The name of the event usually used for the survey name

Link: From this link we can copy the link from the created survey link from the the Survey menu or to any other external survey platform

SURVEY Set up.

Survey Mandatory: We can make it mandatory or not mandatory for the survey to be answered.

Survey Available: To be able to get a feedback from your attendees make your survey available for viewing and available to answer

Fees: You can select here your target category or target audience for your survey.

Agenda: From this section you can select a specific attendees under specific session to answer your survey.

Notes: You can add some notes or policy for your survey.

Survey name: Event name is usually used here as title.

Mandatory: Keep it mandatory to answer the survey by selecting Yes button and NO if you want to keep it as non-mandatory.

Status: Yes stataus means that your survey is published and can be answered by your attendees, thus No if you prefer not to published yet.

Edit button: It will give you the access or ability to change your survey set up for final publishing of your survey

Delete button: This button will permanently delete the survey link.

View: This is the preview of the survey that you have created and this will be the actual details fro attendees to answer.

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